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Dental crowns in Irmo

In a perfect world, your teeth would all remain intact for a lifetime. It is an unfortunate fact, though, that teeth can become chipped, cracked, or fractured due to tooth decay, an injury or accident, or simply from particularly crunchy foods. And restoring a tooth is one reason for getting a dental crown. Others revolve around cosmetic reasons, such as covering up a discolored, misshapen, or crooked tooth. For all of the above, and more, you can depend on us at Peak Dental.

A dental crown is made to be placed over a tooth. It is cemented to the tooth, and will last for a long time afterward. There are various materials used to fashion them, including tooth-colored ones that blend in near seamlessly with your other teeth. When you need a dental crown, you come to our Irmo dentist office to have impressions taken of your tooth. The dental lab receives the impressions, and use them to craft your crown. You then return to our Irmo dentist office to have the crown placed. This restoration strengthens the tooth, and provides a barrier against bacteria getting inside. And as important as all of the already listed uses are, there is even greater versatility to dental crowns. They are essential components of bridgework for replacing missing teeth. They are also a key part of dental implants. And when you need root canal therapy, the tooth has half its material drilled away, so it takes a crown to give you back your tooth’s normal size and appearance.

All you have to do is simply reach out to our Irmo dentist office when you need crowns for any purpose. Without them, you would end up losing teeth that could otherwise remain viable for many years to come, or you would have a flawed smile due to cosmetic imperfections. Schedule a visit by calling us.

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