Emergency dentist in Irmo SC

Emergency Dentist in Irmo SC

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Dental trauma in Irmo SC

Emergency dentist in Irmo SC
Emergency dentist in Irmo SC

Dental trauma cannot and should not be ignored or put off. You need us at Peak Dental to save your tooth and keep your dental health at an optimal level. The most common forms of dental trauma are dislodged or avulsed teeth.

When a tooth is knocked loose from its socket, it’s referred to as dislodged. When it is entirely free of the socket, it is avulsed. Either one is typically the result of an injury or accident, and the moment it occurs, the clock begins ticking on getting in to see our emergency dentist in Irmo SC. If possible, call us to let us know you are on your way, and also to get tips and guidance on what to do in the meantime. It is vital to keep an avulsed tooth moist. You can do so by placing it in a container with either milk or water and a pinch of salt. If the tooth is only dislodged, see if you can gently push it back into place. Don’t force it, however. When you get to the office of our emergency dentist in Irmo SC, an examination and assessment of the tooth will be done promptly. If the tooth is dislodged, it may only need to be put back in place and held in with the assistance of orthodontic wire or a plastic splint during the healing process. Some dislodged teeth, and nearly all avulsed teeth, will require root canal treatment before being put back in the socket. The chances for success depend on the situation, but if the tooth cannot be rescued, you can discuss options for having it replaced.

Reach out to our emergency dentist in Irmo SC immediately when you suffer with any type of dental trauma. We’re available for urgent care and treatment when you require it.

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